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We stock a wide range of different types of flooring and as experienced buyers with direct links to many of the manufactures, if we don’t stock it, we can in most circumstances obtain your preferred flooring at highly competitive prices. Some of the flooring we often source and install includes:

Solid Wood

Solid wood floors are made from one solid wood piece of wood and Are commonly between 18 – 22mm in thickness.

Solid wood floors are not suitable for installation using a floating floor Method and require to be nailed down to a timber floor or fully glued Down using the correct flexible adhesive and a dpm paint when fitted Over a concrete floor.

Solid wood floors are sensitive to moisture and are not recommended For installation below ground level and directly over a concrete slab(of moisture content over 2%). Because it is a natural product the floor will expand and contract in Response to seasonal changes in moisture. In the winter heating months, Moisture leaves the wood causing the floor to contract, which creates Small gaps between each plank. In the summer months, when the humidity Is higher, the wood will expand and the gaps will disappear. If there is too Much moisture it may cause the wood planks to cup or buckle.

This is why you should always use a professional fitter to install your floor To ensure the correct procedures and proper expansions are carried out. We deal with most leading suppliers, including Atkinson & Kirby, Havwoods, Elka and in particular Ted Todds with their strong ethos in using timber Sauced through the forest stewardship council (FSC).

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood floors are made using two different constructions

1. Three way cross ply construction. The base section has a piece of plywood running the length of the board, the Center core is made from  soft wood  and finally a piece of veneered hardwood is glued on top to form A ridged, stable floor.

2. Plywood backing with  a piece of veneered hardwood  glued on top to form A ridged, stable floor.( this is by far the best construction)

Due to this type of construction, engineered floors are Fair less susceptible to seasonal changes of moisture and do not expand and Contract as much as solid wood floors.

Engineered floors are commonly between 14mm to 22mm in total thickness With the veneered hardwood top layer between 3mm to 7mm. Whilst most commonly sold using oak in either unfinished, lacquered, oiled, Matt lacquered or a variety of stained finishes, engineered floors are also Available in species such as maple,larch, beech, ash, cherry and American black walnut. As mentioned within the solid wood section, we deal with most leading suppliers and in addition to those already listed we can offer exceptionally Competitive prices on the likes of Kahrs, Junkers and Bausen floors to name But a few.

Once again we strongly recommend using our professional fitting Service to ensure you get the finish your floor deserves.


Tough, durable and extremely effective, laminate floors offer a fantastic Alternative to real wood floors, particularly  when family circumstances or budget are a consideration.  With its hard laminated surface, laminates floors Can be particularly advisable for families with young children and where pets are concerned.

Over recent years the look of laminate floors is now completely different to when they first came along 15 to 20 years ago. It is now possible to have the Appearance of a beautiful looking wood floor, which will withstand the rigours of everyday life but for a much smaller budget.

Due to our excellent reputation for both the quality of installation and service, we are now the recommended retailer for the supply of Pergo, Quck.step, Elka and Finsa laminate floors in this area.

Pergo for example, have always been held with extremely high consumer confidence and satisfaction. Combined with its vast choice of styles and decor Options, all Pergo laminates floors come with the patented Titan X advanced Surface finish, which offers unbeatable wear protection and scratch resistance. In addition Pergo also have a strong ethos towards the environment. 80% of Their products consist of wood surplus from the wood industry.

Whilst we are happy to just supply only for the enthusiastic DIY person,we do class our team of laminate fitters as the best money can buy.


Whatever your options, vinyl flooring offers a warm under foot feel for All the consumers requirements. From plain and abstract to wood or tile Effect, vinyl flooring offers a wide choice of selection to suit all budgets.

With prices from under £7m2 up to £20m2 there will be a floor to suit Everyone. Nearly all vinyl floors come in either 2,3 or 4m wide rolls with Even a limited 5m wide option available. We have samples from all the leading suppliers such as-; Rhinofloor, Leoline, Avenue, Tarkett, Novilon, Gerfloor and Beauflor.

Whilst we are happy to just supply only for the enthusiastic DIY person, we also offer the option of our quality professional fitting service .

If the budget allows, why not consider a LVT vinyl option for that extra custom Made unique finish. Unlike sheet vinyl flooring, LVT vinyl’s are sold in a variety of pre boxed sizes And are fully glued down to a prepared subfloor. Due to its versatility these Floors can be fitted to virtually suit any requirements. If the size of the room Is large enough , why not consider using either design strips or borders to give Your floor that extra wow factor.

We offer extremely competitive prices on all the leading suppliers including Amtico, Karndean, Polyflor and Luvanto. Due to the necessity of having the subfloor correctly prepared prior to being installed, we would strongly recommend using the services of a professional contractor.

Carpets incl contract and tiles

Whether your a landlord working to a tight budget or just looking for that Something special, we offer a fabulous variety of carpet ranges to suit all projects.

With the growth in the rental market getting ever stronger, we have a vast Selection of carpets available for next day delivery, from less than £5.00 per m2. For customers with younger children, why not consider one of the huge selection of bleach cleanable stain resistant polypropylene carpets that Are available. From a shorter twist pile carpet, a deep pile luxury Saxony, or A modern funky stripe, your carpet can be both trendy and practical at the Same time.

For the more traditional wool buying customer we have a fabulous selection Of 80/20 wool twists pile and woven carpets to choose from. We also have a large selection of loop pile berber style carpets, natural jute And sisal carpets as well as modern hard wearing plains and stripes from the Likes of Edel Telenzo whose wool carpets come with the added benefit Of being Scotchgard protected.

We deal with virtually all the leading manufacturers and suppliers including, Abingdon, Associated Weavers, BMK, Brockway, Burmatex, Cavalier,Cormar, Furlongs, Kingsmead, Manx, Mayfield, Penthouse, Ryalux, Ulster, Victoria, Westex and Whitestone Weavers. We are a member of ACG (Associated Carpet Group ) who are one of the most Respected buying groups in the industry which enables we can offer all our products at extremely competitive prices. Finally, but vitally importantly, we pride ourselves in having some of the best Carpet fitters in the area. Whether it’s a new empty house or where the customer requires that we uplift the existing carpet and move the furniture, we offer a first class, friendly service to suit all requirements.


We supply & fit many different brands of wood flooring such as Junckers , Grundorf ,Tarkett , Atkinson and Kirby,Elka,  Tuscan and many more and we are very proud to be a local TEDD Todd retailer with the finest wood ern floors in the area close to hand. as it says above we deal with virtually all carpet manufacturers incl.Abingdon, Associated Weavers, BMK, Brockway, Burmatex, Cavalier,Cormar, Furlongs, Kingsmead, Manx, Mayfield, Penthouse, Ryalux, Ulster, Victoria, Westex and Whitestone Weavers and many many more if you dont see the company whos product you are looking for above please call Adrian on 07778778928 and he will give you his first class knowledge on that product at your convience.

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